Organic infused Body oil

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system of the Indian Subcontinent. Birthed in India about 5000 years back, The word Ayurveda is a conjugation of two Sanskrit words, Ayus meaning life and Veda Meaning Science. Ayurveda means the ‚Äúscience of life.‚ÄĚ

What are The immediate benefits of these Ayurvedic Oils?

Improvement of Scalp Health. Massaging the scalp with an Ayurvedic oil can help alleviate problems like dandruff, inflammation, and irritation. While Providing Protection from Damage. Enhancement of Sebum. Conditioning of the Scalp and hair. Creating the the perfect environment for hair growth.

All natural ingredients

Oil Infusions

How do we do it?

With Love of course and the help of our beautiful Macerated oils also called infused oils. These beautiful creations are carrier oils that have been used as a solvent to extract the therapeutic properties of a certain plant or plants by Infusing flowers, herbs or spices into an oil. We have Specifically formulated products to help calm sensitive skin and even provide relief to sunburns and itchy rashes.

Styling | Hair Oils

Hair Oil Mist-Vitamin E Hair Care HBL Hair Care

Hair Oil Mist|Vitamin E

Argan oil Dry Hair Mist Hair Care HBL Hair Care

Argan oil Dry Hair Mist

Argan oil ZHR Naturals

Argan oil


Soap | Body Wash

Lip Gloss

Popsicle- Sweet Crush Lipgloss ZHR Naturals

Popsicle- Sweet Crush

Schoolz Out-Barbee Lipgloss ZHR Naturals

Schoolz Out-Barbee

Schoolz out-LemonDrop Lipgloss ZHR Naturals

Schoolz out-LemonDrop