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Aloe Vera Oil Infusion

Aloe Vera Oil Infusion


Aloe Vera Body Oil Infusion


Aloe vera oil can benefit all skin types, helping to protect from UV rays, reduce sunburns, and intensely hydrate. It can also aid wound healing and diminish the appearance of aging. Additionally, it can reduce sebum production, decreasing the likelihood of acne. Further, aloe vera oil can help to lighten hyperpigmentation, while promoting hair growth, strengthening tresses, and conditioning the scalp and helping to prevent dandruff and irritation.



Ingredients :Aloe Vera is Dried, Ground and Infused in Safflower, Avocado with Vitamin E (Tocopherol T-50) and Rosemary Leaf Extracts, without Fragrances, Artificial Ingredients or Fillers

Directions: Can be used on skin and hair as desired by all ages.


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