About Us

We are here to provide an Experience.
Who We Are ?
-We are a Mother Daughter Duo 
My name is Zoey I’m Just a 8 yr old who loves lipgloss and accessories, my mom on the other hand.....

Over the years my mom has fallen in love with an Ayurveda lifestyle 
Holistic/Botanical/Essential Oils,
It’s about Being Healthy and Happy With the Help of Herbs and oils.
Nature's intention is what she says ...
What we eat /drink /smell /use on our bodies /skin /hair play a major part in our overall health/feelings/emotions.
Join us Let’s get Healthy and Happy together using natural products created with beautiful Botanicals/herbs and oils 
 All Lip Gloss is Clear although they have color they will go on clear
-All glitters are cosmetic grade
-All Flavor oils and Coloring are food grade
-Pigments/Mica Cosmetic grade
-We Practice Disinfection/Sanitation/Sterilization
-Lip Gloss for the older shoppers will have color tint added but the description for these products will be highlighted 
Some Key Ingredients
-Grapeseed Oil
-coconut Oil
-Vitamin E oil
-Castor Oil
-Squalene Oil
-Rose-hip seed Oil 
-Evening Primrose
Lip Gloss Base
Versa gel /Gloss Base /Natural Base
-Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (and) Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer.
-Skin Care 
-100 % Cold Pressed Unrefined Carrier oils
-100% Pure Essential Oils
-Pure Raw Herbs Steeped / Macerated 12 -16 weeks ( some herbs longer)
-All Herbs /Carrier oils / Essential oil were specifically picked to combat or prevent skin issues .
-Some of our Oils will be unscented as we wanted to keep them in the most natural state . -products that will have scents will be from essential oils and fragrance oils 
Products will have a full ingredients list.
Yes We list our ingredients !
We are not afraid of our products being copied !
It's not about copying the ingredients it's about the FORMULA !
All oils have sit for a minimum of 12 weeks 

We Use Amber Glass to protect the Herbs and Oils !

Yes it's Beautiful packing our finished bottles with herbs ...

We infuse our oils with herbs but due to the herbs discoloration or even spoiling  

we do not leave herbs in our bottles that are sent out !