Beard Oil Hair Care HBL Hair Care 2 oz Fragrance-Free

Beard Oil

Beard Oil


Beard oil: Argan | Squalane 


Our Beard Oil gives you the perfect solution to easy, healthy beard maintenance. Our blend of all-natural ingredients including Squalane, Tea Tree Oil, and Lemongrass help you achieve softer, stronger hair, protect and moisturize the skin beneath, reduce itchiness, and leave your beard smelling fresh. Promote good beard growth and maintain the perfect look with our Beard Oil.

Squalane  | Argan | Rice Bran| TeaTree | Lemongrass 

Always do a patch test 24 hours before application.Beard Oil is specially formulated for styling your beard. Our dropper bottle helps you apply it directly to the scalp and massage for 1-3 minutes before leaving-in for best results. Use it consistently for best results and remember - a little goes a long way.

Can be used on scalp : hot oil treatment or as part of the L.O.C method, but be sure to not oversaturate your hair and scalp.