Trio: Moisture Locked In Hair Bundle Set ZHR Naturals Moisture Locked In

Trio: Moisture Locked In

Trio: Moisture Locked In


The L.O.C System
Trio: Rosemary + Mint
Moisture Locked In 
Loc Method
L: Leave-In Mist
O: Scalp oil
C: Hair Cream 

Trio's LOC technique locks in hydration for frizz-free hair. Its 3-step process reduces breakage and shedding for defined curls. Rosemary and mint's healing properties promote healthy hair growth and restore shine & bounce. 100% natural ingredients protect hair from stressors and restore its natural moisture balance for smooth, resilient locks.

This bundle includes 8 oz of Rosemary Mint Leave In Mist, 2 oz of Rosemary Mint infused scalp oil, and 4 oz of Rosemary Mint hair cream.

( cream will ship in black or white jar)

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